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Traboule Innovation advises you in searching for and setting up your Industrial and Research & Development partnerships. We help you identify the best partners in your ecosystem to turn a technology potential into a novel, feasible and profitable business opportunity.

Open yourself to collaborative innovation

The term ‘open innovation’ refers to modes of innovation based on sharing and collaboration. The term ‘open innovation’ was penned by Henry Chesbrough, a professor at UC Berkeley, whom I had the chance to meet in 2018, during a forum he hosted, which brought together several large European companies practicing open innovation.


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Why Traboule Innovation?

The traboule is a Lyon expression, from Latin "transambulare" which means to cross. By creating Traboule Innovation, I want to promote connections between major directions, create bridges between an industrial need and a technological innovation.


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Traboule Innovation worked with us with great enthusiasm and professionalism on developing a new innovation vehicle for one of our clients. We particularly valued Sophie’s knowledge of the energy sector and her fit-for-purpose advice. We are very pleased to have benefited from her experience and network in the corporate open innovation world, to help in driving a cleaner tomorrow.

Beverley Gower-Jones, Founder and CEO at Carbon Limiting Technologies

Au cours de ce projet, Sophie Postif a fait preuve de persévérance pour convaincre les différentes parties prenantes. A chaque étape, elle a mis en œuvre des solutions ajustées à nos besoins. Réactive, Sophie prodigue des conseils avisés qui nous ont mis en confiance. Entourée d’un réseau de collaborateurs impliqués et experts dans leurs domaines, elle reste très à l’écoute de ses clients.
Nous avons également apprécié son savoir-faire technique dans le secteur de l’énergie et son expérience dans le domaine de la production.

Emma Perfect, Chief Executive Officer at Anpera Technologies
Anpera Technologies

J’ai eu l’occasion de travailler aux côtés de Sophie, dirigeante de Traboule Innovation lors de nombreuses missions. Experte dans le secteur de l’énergie, Sophie nous a récemment conseillé chez Audacious Energy pour notre dernier projet de développement en technologies propres. Sa connaissance précise de l’écosystème nous a permis de procéder à la validation du marché.

Syed Haider Ali, Founder and CEO at Audacious Energy

We have worked with Sophie Postif on developing this project, and she showed great insight into connecting the dots of the different technologies to achieve a new potential solution to fit the industries' needs.

Florent Brenguier, Professor and member of Sisprobe Science and Research Advisory Board


Passive Imaging of the Subsoil

This project aims to de-risk a breakthrough, new idea: the use of passive body-wave for subsurface monitoring. It offers an operator an option in enhanced subsurface management at a reduced cost, at frequent time intervals and with reduced environmental impact.

Wind turbines on the ocean

Leading CleanTech Open Innovation

Carbon Limiting Technologies (CLT) brings together large corporates and entrepreneurs to transform innovative ideas into profitable new products and services.

Person working in laboratory

Make chemical monitoring simpler

To improve chemical management in the manufacturing energy and oil & gas industry. A unique online system for real time automated chemical dosage monitoring.

Taking Control and Managing Solar Microgrids

Audacious Energy is a start-up based in Calgary, Canada, whose mission is to reduce carbon emissions by 1 million car-equivalent emissions per year by 2030.